Grass Seed Guide

Grass Seed Guide

As a business, Mole Valley Farmers aim to support customers to grow grass and forage crops of the highest quality. To that end, the GreenBritainTM seed catalogue acts as a guide to demonstrate the wide range of grass mixes and excellent forage and cover crop options we can supply.

The Premier Leys range of grass mixes have been serving customers well for a number of years in both conventional and organic systems and are tailored to suit a broad spectrum of farm requirements. No farm is the same and the range incorporates short, medium and long term mixes focussed on grazing, cutting or a combination of the two.

What makes them so great?

  • Only top recommended grass and clover listed varieties used
  • Well balanced mixtures expertly designed by UK leading grass businesses for all on farm requirements
  • High inclusion of top performing Perennial Ryegrasses in the mixtures
  • Mixtures comprise of similar heading date varieties
  • High sugar / energy grasses are included
  • Varieties are chosen for disease resistance, persistence and durability

If there is anything that is not in the GreenBritain catalogue or something more bespoke that you require, then please contact the dedicated seedline on 01769 576232.

Download the Grass Seed guide

Grass Seed Guide

Ten Benefits of Reseeding

  • First year yields will be 25% more than the same ley after 5 years in average conditions (in dry season or dry sites this can be as much as 50%)
  • Increase grass digestibility / palatability
  • Clean worm free grazing
  • Weed grasses are less responsive to Nitrogen
  • Better disease resistance in new varieties
  • Better ground cover and persistence
  • Better feed value and animal performance at grazing
  • Ability to increase clover contents, for increased feed value and nitrogen fixation
  • Improved silage quality for winter feeding

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