Bunded Oil Tanks

Do You Have The Right Tank?

What is a Bunded Oil tank?

A bunded tank is simply a tank with a second skin (a ‘bund’). To be compliant the bund must hold 110% of the tank’s capacity, and be impermeable to water and oil (i.e. must not let water/oil in or out).

Do I need one?

You will need a bunded tank if you answer yes to ANY of the following.

Is your oil storage tank located in a place where....

  • Oil spills could run into a drain or manhole cover?
  • The tank vents can’t be seen by the delivery person because the tanks are too far away from where the tanker can park?
  • It’s within 10 metres of lakes or streams (any inland fresh water or coastline)?
  • It’s within 50 metres of a potable (drinkable) water source, like a spring, borehole or well?
  • Oil spills could run over hard ground until it reaches potable water sources, fresh inland water or coastlines?

You’ll also need a bund if your tank can hold more than 3,500 litres of oil in England or if it can hold over 2,500 litres in Scotland.

Bunded Oil Tanks